The Room

Before I articulate my 03:00 AM thoughts, let me put a disclaimer. Not the appalling kind of advertisement you see before the movie, but a mellow one.

 Disclaimer- 75% of this blog post is metaphorical. Or maybe 90%.

Its 03:00 AM and I can’t sleep! I’ve tried counting the glow stars on my ceiling, read a chapter of novel, almost finished work, revisited the surprise party plan for my parents (husshh!); yet failed. And now for no reason, there is an impulse to share some love with you!

Before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify that I am not an obsessive lover, or anything close to uncanny. Obsession is a negative word. Something positive, maybe. I am just a girl who loves the thought of love. Just!

And yes, I am in love. Happily in love with zillion things on the face of the earth!

So the other day, Him (Let’s call the love ‘Him’ from now on) and I had our ‘the talk’ moment, which died in a jiffy. GLAD! I absolutely detest these stupid mind made up talks!  If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you’d know that it’s tough. It makes you doubt, question your belief, cry your heart out, fight for a hug, try to find ways to make Face-timing a little more humane; yet convince yourself to hold on the last finger you held. Its whatthe*******hellohmygodterribly harsh, but doable.

After the weird minuscule moments of ‘the talk’, came few of realisations.

If you see, a relationship is nothing but teeny cozy room made by, and for two people. Initially, the two people walk into a small turf with bricks lying on the floor. With each passing day, they start amassing the wall with bricks, one by one, together.  Efforts from her, li’l acts of love from him, feelings and a truck full of patience from both of them; creates walls for their room. A room with just the two of them, where they write fables for their grandchildren, weave beautiful happy memories for their entire lifetime, and snuggle up.

The problem occurs when bricks get heavy. That’s’ when either of them decides to walk away from building the walls, cause the world outside seems greener, brighter and affluent. And this is precisely THE trice, when the choice you make changes your life.

Making a choice between an uninhibited, exciting, tempting world; to a tranquil, homely room build of stories, fantasies, dreams and love; is a difficult one.

But what happens after you make the choice? Nothing but happiness. Either you leave the wall halfway, crumpling your room to morsels; or you decide to close the room once and for all. It’s contentment in all forms!

Coming back to ‘THE TALK’ with Him; I chose my exultation.

I am currently gathering the colours, collecting accessories- thinking of a typewriter to pen down all the tales, a to-do list of gorgeous places to visit, a camera to seize my epoch of joy, and a signature dish for you to come over, sprinkled with love. All with him.

So yeah. The Room is closed.

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