Doodle. Doodle cause you love it!

Like every other 24 year old, I’ve been keeping a lot busy. All thanks to the human behaviour/ quality/ feature ( considering how tech savvy we all are) – PROCRASTINATION.

So today; after a beautiful weather, a large glass of my favourite coffee after weeks, the subtly residing happiness of planning my parents surprise anniversary ( more on this in the next post), and teeny weeny perks of hard work; I decided to come home. Come here.

2 am. And I’m almost charged up to show the world my new rambling! You know, writing gives me a high. And doodling what I scribble, even better!

So here it is!
All what I believe in.
All what I wish you’ll believe in.
And precisely what I promised in my THIS post.


I’m going to put this one on my desk soon! If you love it, lemme know. I’ll be happy to send across one too.

Sleep tight.

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