Not now!

You know, not everyone can empathize with the feeling of waiting for something for almost 300 days. And not everybody will understand the rush of feelings, when that wait ends 4 days in advance.

All of a sudden. In a jiffy. Like in a snap!

A lot of people asked me to blog something about this particular feeling. But for the first time, I was diffident…
That moment just had me. Completely, not per senses.

It’s been a week already, but the feeling hasn’t died out! It still is a little umm –I can’t get the correct word– bizarre. I am still wary of putting words to the ear wide smile that refuses to go away. And this is precisely why I’m hesitant in penning this down.

I think it’ll take me a little while to come back to the hard hitting reality of emails, social media and crazy traffic; which honestly I have no intention of! This little phase is surreal. And it definitely is one of the things I’ve waited for. Maybe something sillier than being in love will help me come out of it!

Maybe a trip soon!

Till I get back.
Happy reading!

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