He sent me that sign!

One. You can’t miss an infectious laughter.
Two. You can’t help but laugh along!

The other day, I was wondering what makes people jump off a comfortable couch and make them walk on a patchy road. Simple terms, what powers them so much that even ‘comfortable’ becomes monotonous?

Never got to know the real reason- maybe I never will, but my mind did some wandering and came up with this workaround.

We all depend on reassurances. Like an external hand to hold, a ray of sunshine to brighten our day, somebody’s excitement to overshadow our dreary day, just something.  Something that, the moment it touches you, you rejuvenate! – A spark that passes through your body and you recuperate like a new person altogether!

Too flimsy to believe, but makes liitttlle sense.

Honestly, I do look out for such signs before making an important decision. Not always, but when the inner self is too reliant on the lazy couch to move forward, then! Let me tell you something candidly, these are 100% stupid things – sister picking the same colored gem, or mom calling me at 8:30 pm sharp, or even something like a dog walking towards me. W.O.R.K.S. (Tell me if you don’t!)

Maybe I won’t understand the ‘why’ behind its pure existence ever, but the never ending want for something ‘more’ plays a role. The other definitely lies in the fact that we all look out for an external faith to stabilize ourselves. Maybe stabilize is a strong word, but something that sparks your entire soul; something that gives us the assurance to fly, something that shouts at a mountain-top that ‘Hey! Things are greener on the other side. Go! Jump!!’

So I jumped.
Because, I had to.
Because, I wanted to.
Because, he sent me that sign!

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