Let’s escape to discover

When things happen haphazardly with you, around you, you tend to get lost. You forget what you want, what you desire, and more importantly who you are.

It’s been over two months, I’ve been running away from reality, turning away my face from love and burying it in excel sheets. But now, I’m tired.

I’m tired of not facing my heart, tired of finding distractions, tired of not valuing love, tired of finding solace in random things, tired of not being happy, and just tired of myself.

And thus, it’s time to get lost to find myself. Again.

A solo trip. Nothing better than this to help.

So here’s to three days of being just me, no laptops, no emails, long walks, silent conversations, lots of coffee and cake, and a vintage city to explore.

To Kolkata, and me.

Till I find myself, again.

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