Butterflies & Sunshine

It’s been over a month since I successfully (?) completed my #SomethingFebruaryProject. And after much ado about nothing, (lot of somethings to say), it’s time for a new project.

There have been a lot of conversations about continuing the same project, extending it a bit, redoing each one; or taking up a new thing altogether. I chose the latter.

I chose some butterflies; the tingling sensations, the funny stomach growls, the fast heartbeats – exactly the way I felt before the #SomethingFebruaryProject; & lot of sunshine- the warm hugs, the flying-catch-em’-right-kisses and heaps of positive reinforcements; that shone upon me after it.

I don’t know if this one is going to be easy on the eyes, but it is for sure going to be extremely hard for the mind.
I don’t know if it’ll be emotionally straining, but definitely a BIIIIGGGG confidence booster to put it right.
I don’t know if it’ll let me have peaceful thoughts, but it certainly entails lot of sleepless nights.
I don’t know if I’ll get some warmth in the hugs (initially), but I’ll no doubt find some upbeat muses around.
I don’t know a lot of what’s in store, but I do know that whatever it is, it is happy & needed-demanded-deserved.

As they say, “Change in inevitable. It comes down to you, JUST YOU, to make it for the good or for the bad.” I honestly don’t know what it’ll be eventually, but then it doesn’t cost a penny to be optimistic right?

So for the many butterflies & lots of sunshine waiting for me, it’s time to reset – to a better me.

Till then, best.

What’s the new project, you ask?
Crafting my own home, in a new city.

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