This place called Bombay!

5 April, 2015- Bombay.

(I prefer Bombay to Mumbai, somehow)

While I’m at some 36,000 ft up in the air, I have random thoughts in my head pacing 100 km/second, the lump in my throat too huge to swallow, & the weird turbulence in my stomach just refuses to stop. 

It’s done.
I’ve left my home; and I’m just about to step in a completely new phase of my life.


Ever since I’ve made the decision of moving away from Delhi- from my people and the place I call home; I’ve been facing a lot of whys & yays.

The answer to the “Why Bombay?” one is pretty simple. Reset was needed. Reset was demanded. Reset is happening.

But the honest reaction to the “Yay Bombay!!”, is a mixed emotion of 80% sadness & 20% happiness. 

I honestly don’t know how am I gonna live through the night knowing my little one isn’t next to me. I honestly don’t know how am I going to fight everyday with mom on Skype. I don’t know how easy is it going to be to get my reasonings & logics & answers with dad on a call. I don’t know how am I going to have my gossip evening coffee or spend the night drinking, without my bunch of people. 


But. Despite all this, I am eagerly looking forward to “my own time”. Explore the new city to find my own self. I think I’m just going to distract myself with all the adventure & challenges that await me. 


Here’s to a new city, new set of people, lot of travel, lot of humidity, & cats and dogs of rain. 

To new “happy” beginnings. 

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