Bombay, I’ve arrived!

3 months in Bombay. Done. Done. Done.

Not that I am counting days, but this ‘magical city’ hasn’t sprinkled the love-dust on me yet. To be honest, I haven’t parked my ass in this city for over two weeks in a row. But all said and done, something should be felt. Just a happy heartbeat, or a crying night; or maybe an extremely adventurous day that gives me a rush. Basically ‘something’ that makes me feel for you.
I am the hard-to-please kinds, and Delhi is imbibed in every sweat & blood & tear of mine, but. Something.Should.Be.Felt.

90 days. No. Just about 60 in this ‘okay-ish’ city have been fun.
From moving away to moving in; from adjusting with parents, to strangers; from ordering food to cooking; from finding things, to getting them; from living to surviving; it’s been a fun ride. Not denying any bit of it.

I haven’t started hating the city & that should be commendable! Some special few things/ people have made me live, LIVE. You know the kinds you hit off really well with, who pamper you, & feed you home food, & watch silent sunsets with you, & try hugs, & protect you like a baby in a new monstrous city- I’ve found those. S- If you’re reading this, I’m sending a squishy hug {}. Just try and make it squishy, okay?

Not to forget. A happy work life does lead you to a stress-free mind, & lets you concentrate on all the chaos. Thank you LinkedIn, for letting me focus on all the randomness in my head and letting me being a riot.

You’ve made me a stronger and an independent person*, Bombay. *More, precisely.
Call it the perks of moving away from home, but I do miss my folks back home. & that’s allowed, right? I miss those holding-her-hand while sleeping nights, cuddling with my babies, those random eye contact conversations with my girls, few off-hand dates, sudden drinking nights with the boys talking shit serious stuff, and ghar-ka-khaana! Sigh 😦


Choices & decisions. This is what I chose, & I’m almost on the track of making it big.
I just need to learn the art of saving, which is going to be difficult, BUT.I.WILL. (Everybody who’s laughing, SHUSH!!)

So Bombay, I’ve arrived.

I’m giving you all of mine to make me feel something for you. Love or hate. I don’t like the grey zone, so let’s settle on either one of them.

Let’s move beyond the ‘okay-ish’ tag, shall we?

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