Twist it, silly!

I live on to-do lists. My life revolves around calendar invites and stick notes for every thing. (Including having green tea!)
But off lately, I’ve realised my routine is becoming too monotonous. 

My work is sorted, adapting to this new city is just about sorted, learning a new dance form is sorted, space from family is happily sorted, my hearts caged enough to wander, again sorted. 

But then, why do I feel fidgety? Why do I feel the need to move around in my space? In whatever little space I have. It’s like a bug itching me constantly. 

I’ve been in this city for two months now, without any holiday, without any weekend getaway, without moving my ass from home-office-bar chairs. 
So maybe it’s about the city.  But again, booked my tickets to a beach, & boom! Sorted. 

I’m starting to have issues with the word “sorted” now. I want some drama & I want some adrenaline rush & some yayness. 

Being simple never really got anybody anything, right? So why settle with a “sorted” life?

So decided. I’m going to twist around few things, tweak the monotonicity, & give some peace to the bug. 

I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do. I do!
That has more “do’s” than “don’t’s”. Maybe just how we all need to look at life, from a twisted angle! 

Howsoever. What so ever. I’ll keep it happy & twisted. 

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