Why riot?

A lot of things in my life happen randomly, except the things I wish for.
Anyway. Back in January’15 during a random conversation with the best friend, we decided to get inked. She was pretty sure of what she wanted, but I was struggling between “Oh! This or that”.
I just couldn’t zero down on anything that described me, or something that I was okay with to live with every single day of my life.

Later in March’15, I updated the name of the blog to Riot Writes, after a friend gave me the name Rioting Star, for all the mayhem my thoughts caused us. Chaos. Beautiful effing chaos!

If you know me well, you’ll know how terrible I am at prioritizing people over thoughts. I’d die for my people, but sometimes my mind decides to put me in a birdcage with the zillion thoughts & feelings to battle with.

It’s a chaos in there. Head & heart, both.
So precisely, a Riot : of thoughts, feelings, love, whims & fancies.

Few days after admitting to the feeling of being a riot, & realizing that I’ve been one all my life; I found a distinct correlation to another essential thing that defines me in this word.

The i & o, became 1 & O – delineating the binary behavior I possess in all my situations.
This. Or. That.
I can’t do maybes.
I don’t believe in second chances.
I can’t do grey.
& everything needs to be either black or white.
That’s about it.

& that’s how riot (without the title on i), became my namesake, & I was Okay to see it on me all my life. (You know Okay is my favorite word, right?)

Last week, after nine months; I finally got inked!
29 days of 2016 have been adventurous & I’m pretty sure it’ll get more chaotic & beautiful along the way!

Just can’t wait!
P.S. No picture, cause’ see it to believe it.

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