Ek Saal Baad

A month of emotional turbulence.
Packing my favorite people in intangible forms.
Struggling to find a room with a balcony.
Cribbing about the humidity.
Not settling for the constant fish smell.
This city was just about okay for me.

Today, after 365 days.

Coming back to a not-so-tiny pink room, which is all mine.
Giving up on over hundred Delhi-Bombay fights.
Getting lost in the stunning sunsets.
Saving over forty boarding passes.
Fascinating the sound of waves.
Making friends that are my family.
The detachment made me so attached,
This city is not okay anymore.

Bombay, you’re my second home. For all the drives around the sea, for all the conversations I’ve had over coffee, for the zillion bar hopping nights, for some folks that I’m going to treasure as family, I’ll always cherish this one year that made me an adult, almost. I literally aged with each passing day, happily!

They call it the city of dreams that grows on you. & I struggled being in love with it or hating it, for a long long time. But now that I think of it, I actually am facing attachment issues.

Ek saal of #बंबईdiaries. DONE. DONE. DONE.
What’s next? Someplace else. 🙂


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