10th month of the year and this is my 5th post.
Wondering if it’s the inconsistency in my head that I couldn’t structure it to 300+ words, or the year that just went poooof, that is bothering me. Definitely not proud of the first one, and latter is something adults generally don’t like to deal with.

A lot has changed since I last published something. I did have a lot of drafts, but when you can’t come to terms with your ever-changing life, you can’t come to terms with your bizarre thoughts too. Remember the chaos in the head? The riot in me just overpowered the writer in me for a long long time!

From ‘ever-changing lot’, I mean movement. Of jobs, houses, cities, countries, & heart.
I moved from a concrete building overlooking the slum, to another overlooking the sunrise & water.
I moved from an Okay city, to a Convenient one which does feel better than Okay.
And I moved from my caged heart, to a little liberated one with more rays of hope than before.

I think you’ve caged yourself in things that distract you from reality.” I used to hear this a lot. Maybe I did. Or maybe, I got so involved with each moment that made up this movement of mine. I don’t know who said this, but all that matters is I move, even if it’s an inch rather than a mile. It’s a hard process to move from a captive soul, but trust me it’s an intense one to admit it.

For now, it’s time to wake up from the slumber.

Well, I don’t know what this movement will bring. But like the riot that lives in me every second, the never-ending chaos of thoughts will eventually come life with each moment. And as long as I’m living up these moments, one by one, I think I’m good!

But. One thing this movement will definitely bring ‘back’ is the writer in me. So look forward to the ramblings.

Till next time.

P.S. My name as per etymology means movement.

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