Do you listen?

Let me ask you for a favor. Read this out loud to yourself.

Do you remember the last time you connected with somebody by staying quiet?
Or when was it that you felt something special by listening and not reacting?

I’m going to be brutally honest here & say that I usually don’t. My answer to somebody’s statement/ fact/ question is ready in my head before their last punctuation comes through. I could say it is human nature to behave like this, but with the distracted generation as we are today; this holds true. Most, not all, of the people I know behave the same.

We hear often. Yet do not care to listen.

We end up entangling the simplest of things by hearing what the significant other has to say. If only, we had the courage to listen. We unknowingly break zillion hearts (I do!) by saying nothing after hearing them. Merely cause we never bothered to listen what the heart was saying.

We judge our years of relationship, but forget to feel the unpretentious love in seconds!

On a separate note, I remember doing this professional course: ‘Conscious Business’; which talks a lot about how your career trajectory moves if you listen & behave, than hear & react. It took a while to move away from the natural tendency to defend, or succumb to reactions; but it did raise my patience level to 2, from a negative 100! Trust me to say this; it does make you happy in the head too.

It isn’t a pretty sight to have your heart broken by this, I did. Not like I’ve learnt it all, but I’m making a conscious decision of listening to stories properly. More so cause I believe in them. Cause’ stories are what make us who we are, and who doesn’t want to listen to a beautiful story everyday!
Remember to tell me yours next time, and see me listening to each and every beat of it.

I promise to try.

So now. Did you hear yourself or listen out loud?

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