Light it up, 2017!

2016 was a blinder.
It came with lot of surprises, blah & yay both.
It came with dreams, that almost made it through.
It came with travel that made the heart open & mind wander.
It came with accomplishments, and no regrets.
It came with a big new opportunity, a new country.
It came with loneliness, to enjoy myself.
It came with relationships, some stronger & some to let-go of.
It came with inks to live by.
It came with soul happiness.

& In a puff, now that we’ve entered 2017 with some faint fireworks & hugs, I wish for
Some more surprises, to feel the sparkle in the eye.
Some more travel, to fuel the soul.
Some more accomplishments, to make my folks proud.
Some more brightness, to let the mind steer the path.
Some more dreams, to make them true.
Some more power, to be a little more stronger.
Some more relationships, to fill the heart.
Some more love, to hold on to.
Some more joy, to get addicted to.

& some more of more.

Counting on you, 2017.

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