Ohai Excitement!

I have never been a birthday person.
Just my own, but I eagerly wait with joyousness for my loved ones’.

Of course, I get excited to see what my little one has planned, if my birthday present to self is arriving the same day, who is actually making an effort to see me at 12 in the night, or just have a conversation beyond
‘Hi, Happy Birthday!
Thank you!
& Whatsup?
Umm… Just the usual.
Great! Keep in touch.’
(If WordPress allowed me to use the rolling eye emoticon, I would.)

For as long as I can remember I usually spend the day with my folks, cut a couple of cakes, drive around, drink my favorite coffee (or other sociable drinks), & just stay away from work basically.
Last year was the first one away from home, but I chose to spend the day doing the same thing with my same set of people in the same environment I grew up in. Simple joys of life I completely enjoy, maybe because I haven’t felt it in any other way.

I can’t recall ‘looking forward’ to this day like I would for my people. Unlike my best friend who just turned #3Zero (You should read all things nice about me in her post here), I haven’t felt the anticipation or any sort of exhilaration for my birthday as such. (& by no means I think it is overrated)

But then, why not? Why not now!

After an impulse decision of being away in a different space, to finding my birthday spot, I’ve got to today where I’m currently feeling the excitement, eagerness, thrill, enthusiasm, ecstasy and a lot of joy within me.

Well then. Who needs a milestone to spur some change? 27 is a big number in itself!

10 days to birthday. 5 to the trip.
Ohai Excitement, Nice to meet you!
(& I hope you stick around.)

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