Chapter TBD: ‘Twenty Seventh’

I always end up writing on the plane, this time in three parts. Multiple chains of thoughts poured into over 400+ words in this story, ‘Twenty-seventh’. It is a chapter in itself.

Of course, it’s not a big milestone, but a huge-ass landmark for my story. Yes, everybody has a story, and you & I exist for a reason. If you’re reading this, then you’ve definitely had some part to play in my twenty-seven years of existence. Or someday you will.

A week long solo trip planned months in advance filled with adventure and surprises. Half and half, I’ll say.
From accepting loneliness to enjoying being alone, accommodating love and attention in the tiniest form possible, experiencing the journey through rose tinted glasses, walking miles with no specific destination, feeling lost & not being bothered about it, contemplating relationships, ignoring the thought to judge people, thinking about anything & everything & anyone under the sun (read: freezing cold!)
The seven days didn’t change me neither did I expect them to. But what they gave me was a heart full of love & whims to fancy.

*They taught me to be a bit more fluid in the head to let the heart find its own way.

*They taught me that saying it when it hurts, helps. It could just be a birthday call someone missed.

*The frozen cities made me fall for ice cream more than ever. Trying ‘something sweet’ did make my mind happy.

*They told me to stop looking for disappointments, they’ll eventually happen. For all the pretty sights I saw, the discontent felt insignificant.

*The seven days kept me entertained by my own quirks. It is actually fun to listen to the same set of music for days, reading an old book again, and just accepting silence.

*The AirBnBs helped me understand the importance of saying ‘No’ to things and people that make it hard for a peaceful sleep.

*Birthday taught me to be okay with my own imperfections. My idea of bringing in my own birthday is different from yours, & so are other things and love. It also made me sure of never celebrating birthdays alone.

*It made me a better learner, for all the translations I heard and the streets I figured. Not responding with ‘I know!’ didn’t stress me out.

*But the most, it made me a bit more courageous. It takes a lot to pour your heart out to a barista and have him listen to your state of being okay, & later admitting it to yourself what okay really means.

Like I said, ‘Twenty-seventh’, is a big chapter to be written.
Pretty sure if one day I decide to give up the corporate perks and write a book, the protagonist will imbibe all these emotions that are running through my veins at the moment. Human & dramatic enough.

Until then.

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