Stories that last…

I believe that stories are magical. They are a happy place of spellbinding beauty! So much so, that I’d pick anything that says “Your life is a story”, even in glitters (True Story). The mere existence of you & I, is a reason enough to be a passing reference, a paragraph or a chapter in our story. Yes. I’ve said this a lot!

But it’s uncanny how the stories evolve though. How we accidentally stumble upon the path carved for us, while being completely engrossed on our existing one. More like, life slyly winking at us from the corner of the bar, while we’re busy downing our drink, completely unaware of what’s to come.

Reason why stories fascinate me.
Reason why humans fascinate me.

A couple of weeks ago, I have been reiterated the importance of the ‘Butterfly Effect’, which is when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, there is a storm brewing in the other. So even if you’re probably well guarded, you’re always one step behind the storm to hit.

I’ve just been hit by a couple of them.

One hit us hard by ending a part of our story abruptly, leaving behind a feeling of accepting the unexpected dead end. But then, that’s how we struggle out of the constantly playing joke we all are in. You find that one prose, that’ll help you start writing the next chapter which will eventually make the lost one, last.

& the other surprisingly hit me beautifully enough to start a new one, which does have a teeny bit of the familiarity and the freshness of making me take the leap of faith, to pick up and read more before writing it as my own. Pretty sure I was downing my single malts, while this butterfly flapped!

It is VERY uncanny how the stories evolve! How while we’re busy writing our story, we stumble, fumble and write the new chapters, struggling or surviving. Which also ties loosely & closely with the Ripple Effect “Every element of world-building you write into your novel has some sort of influence on your characters’ world—and sometimes it takes a little extra brainstorming to realize that any one element has more of an effect than you may have originally imagined when you first dreamed up the element.

For now, I’m happily surviving on mine, to probably make it my tale to last…

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